After nearly 40 yrs., I have decided to permanently resign from Vanessie Santa Fe. I am very grateful and appreciative to all the interesting people from all over the world who have attended my performances and supported me throughout the years. I am continuing to perform in private and public venues so stay tuned for further news of performance venues. Looking forward to seeing you all in “the next chapter”!



One’s taste in music is a very personal thing so this review is not an attempt to suggest to others what they should find entertaining in a musical performance. Rather it is my personal impression of a performance that I found compelling enough to want to review it immediately upon arriving home while it was fresh in my mind.

When one hears technical proficiency combined with a special musicianship that allows full freedom of expression, one has to be impressed. Doug Montgomery has a unique style that this listener found exciting. When judging musicianship I like to notice which notes in a familiar selection the performer lingers over and then how he plays “catch up” so that the meter and tempo are not compromised. I also like to notice how he treats the inner voices while maintaining the melody. Montgomery “gets it”.

Ballads were played with great sensitivity and with beautiful phrasing. I became more enthralled with each succeeding piece until the climactic final selection, Gershwin’s Rhapsody In Blue, in a performance that can best be described as a tour de force. The interpretation by Montgomery was unique, but fully consistent with his particular style and thoroughly enjoyable to me. If the heavy applause he received was any indication, it appears that many agreed with me. We hope to see him again. – Frank LaCava

“Doug is a gifted musician who is equally at home performing Chopin or singing show tunes. The wondrous part is that he does both with great style, verve and talent.” – Michael Feinstein

“Doug Montgomery is a longtime friend, musical collaborator and cabaret mentor. When I was a young singer just starting at the Santa Fe Opera, 20 years ago, Doug was a young wizard of the keyboard, whose technical mastery and incredible charisma already made him an “entertainment destination.” His skill and appeal have only increased over the years and I am pleased to call him one of the best in the world at what he does.”
– Susan Graham, Grammy Award-Winner, Mezzo-Soprano  2011

“Upon inviting and hearing Doug play at his Latrobe Hospital fund raiser I said, ‘Doug Montgomery is one of the finest and most entertaining pianists I have ever heard.'”
– Arnold Palmer

“I have known Douglas Montgomery for a number of years, initially as a student at the Juilliard school. As Dean of that institution, I tried not to have favorites among the faculty or students. Douglas, unknown to him, was my favorite, for he was indeed highly musical, and a most promising young artist. Douglas is well endowed with technical prowess. Another ingredient is the matter of communication and musical interpretation. Douglas exhibited that he has this quality in ample supply.”
– Gideaon Waldrop, Dean of Juilliard School of Music

“Doug gives you more pleasure than money can buy!”
– Keith and Marti Walker, after a performance at Gulf Stream Golf Club, Del Ray Beach, FL   –   February  2015

“Doug Montgomery is Victor Borge, Liberace and Michael Feinstein… all rolled into one!”
– Terry Herron, Musician/Performer

“The Doug Montgomery Mystique —  He is the masterful manipulator of melodious melodies and marvelous medleys who magically moves us over and through mystical musical mountains and meandering meadows of monumental and mellifluous music that melts and melds into our memories.”
– Mark Cullum, Dallas, Texas  2013

“Doug Montgomery, New Mexico’s finest “Piano Man”, is my absolute favorite artist! He is immensely gifted, classically trained with a magnetic personality. He is a true showman and entertainer.”
– Jackie Spencer, Founder of Spencer Theater, Ruidoso, NM and Benefactor of the Arts

“Doug Montgomery is the kind of artist that I admire the most.  He is not only an accomplished pianist with a brilliant technique, he creates every evening a new world of music, combining a talent of improviser, arranger in the best tradition of the 19th century greatest pianists like Franz Liszt, applying those skills to the largest repertoire you can imagine, from Bach to the newest pop songs.  He is a real genius whom I learn from every time I hear him perform.”
– Frederic Chaslin, Composer, Pianist and Conductor of the Santa Fe Opera  2011

“I just viewed/listened to your superb piano playing, via YouTube…  You make me want to come to Santa Fe – Soon!  I’m struggling  to get back to playing piano (I took lessons many, many years ago…) and listening to your rendition of  ” Me and My Baby Grand” gives me inspiration and motivation… Listening to your rendition of “Rhapsody In Blue” leave me breathless… almost overwhelmed… all I can say is:  “WOW!”
– Steve Bloch, Lt. Commander, USN (Ret.) ex-MM1 (SS) 2012

“Your performance for the Dallas Women’s Club was the perfect way to begin the Christmas Season. I loved your choice of music and I could tell the audience appreciated your “flying fingers” as well.  You are a program chair’s dream!! Thank you for sharing your time and talent with our members and their guests.
– Susie Woodall,  Former President,  Dallas Women’s Club,  2011   Dallas, Texas

“Spicewood is still buzzing about your wonderful concert!  Never have I seen our audience so attentive!  Everyone loved hearing your wonderful music and being surprised at your own “versions” of favorite songs.  We are still laughing at your antics- a great showman and entertainer!
– Janey Richardson,  President,  Spicewood  Arts Society, 2011   Spicewood, Texas

“I have received many emails from members delighting in your performances.  You bring healing and delight through your fingers and voice.  Thank you for sharing your gift with us.”
– Mary Ann Denton, President,  Dallas Women’s Club, 2011  Dallas, Texas

“Our Christmas event was a wonderful success due in large part to Doug’s masterful performance and exuberantly entertaining style.”
– Mel and Hilary S., Santa Fe, NM